ATMAV – Essence of Heritage, Purity in Every Drop

In the fertile plains of Western Uttar Pradesh, the Sanatan family skillfully cold-presses the finest mustard seeds to create Atmav oil. This process, steeped in tradition, brings a luxurious touch to our heritage-rich oil. Each drop tells a story of commitment to excellence. Discover Atmav's journey, where traditional practices meet the tastes of today, and every bottle captures the spirit of our legacy.

1000+ Farmers' Network

Natural Farming Practices

Quality Assured Sourcing

Full Batch Traceability

ATMAV partners directly with seasoned farmers to create premium, all-natural mustard oil. During its journey from farm to bottle, natural sediments may settle, which are signs of authentic cold-pressed oil.

ATMAV's commitment begins with Direct Partnerships, where we engage with local farmers to source the finest mustard seeds, ensuring support for our agricultural community and quality from the start.

Direct Partnership

Embracing the power of the sun, we employ Natural Sun-Drying, a step that naturally intensifies the seeds' robust flavor and aroma, honoring the traditional methods.

Natural Sun-Drying

Traditional Cold Pressing & Natural Filtration

Our authentic Cold Pressing preserves the raw, nutrient-rich essence of mustard oil. The seeds, cold-pressed in wooden Kolhu, retain their natural goodness. This dedication to tradition extends to our Sedimentation & Filtration, where we allow time for natural clarification before gentle filtration, capturing the purity of unrefined oil.

Unwavering Quality Control & Secure Packaging

At the core of ATMAV's commitment is our Rigorous Quality Control, with every mustard oil batch strictly tested to meet FSSAI's safety and quality standards. Our Secure Packaging process seals this promise, delivering each bottle of ATMAV oil fresh and full of flavor, embodying our dedication from our heart to your home.

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